CRO for Any Business

The cost of collecting and using behavioral data has dropped to essentially zero, but the conversion rates of online campaigns has not risen accordingly. How can this be? If we can find out what designs will succeed, why are we still struggling?

The days of “Launch and See” marketing are behind us. Marketers, designers and CMOs aren’t waiting for the results of campaigns. They are building conversion optimization into their design process.

During this Masterclass, you’ll learn a proven, repeatable process to build high-performing digital campaigns, from ad click to purchase, resulting from thousands of tests on the websites of companies of all types and sizes. The “Injecting Data into the Design” process gives you a full day to rework one of your digital campaigns to increase conversion rates.

At the end of this masterclass, you’ll be able to::

  • Assemble your complete marketing laboratory
  • Understand behavioral data
  • Understand the math of acquisition and the true value of a contact, prospect and customer
  • Getting support for your creative ideas and larger campaign budgets, supported by data
  • Get a professional critique of your campaign
  • Complete one behavioral test on your campaign
  • Have a blueprint for high-converting landing pages
  • Develop ad campaigns and creative that really deliver

The goal of this workshop is to give you the tools and the confidence to push through winning digital campaigns.

Who should attend?

This workshop will be very effective for any business that is selling online or generating leads for the business online.

Digital marketers
Business owners
UX professionals

Each attendee should come with digital campaign creative they wish to improve and a laptop. Our day together is designed to answer the burning questions that marketers and management have.

  1. How high conversion rates will change everything for your business.
  2.  The math of acquisition.
  3.  Calculate the value of a contact, prospect and customer.
  4.  How to measure your potential upside from higher conversion rate.
  5.  The rules of behavioral science — that you already know.
  6.  The tools you should always have at your fingertips.
  7.  The sources of data you can tap for amazing insights.
  8. The “launch and know” campaign development process.
  9. Keeping designers and copywriters honest.
  10. How to outgrow your competition.
  11. Dealing with executive interference.
  12. Justifying larger budgets with data.
  13. Getting support for creative ideas.
  14. Transcending your IT department.
  15. How to decide what to change, what to leave the same, and what to test.
  16. Writing great survey questions.
  17. How to run a focus group from your desk.
  18. What to expect from your agency.
  19. Guaranteeing a website redesign.
  20. Building high-converting landing pages.
  21. How to develop ads that deliver

About Your Instructor

Brian Massey has been teaching and writing about digital marketing since 2005. He donned a lab coat in 2007 and created one of the first conversion optimization agencies, Conversion Sciences. Today, he is a highly-rated speaker and teacher on digital marketing concepts.